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News on Madden Wii

News on Madden Wii

by Bradley DeLorenzoMay 1, 2006

As reported in an IGN interview with EA Canada’s senior vice president and group studio general manager John Schappert, Madden Wii will be shown at E3 2006, and is expected to be a launch title for the system with full online playability over Wii’s built-in Wi-Fi network. Schappert stated that his team has been working with the Wii’s innovative controller since last year. His explanation of the workings of Madden’s gameplay will make you want an E3 All Access pass even more than you do now; while he refused to comment on all aspects of Madden’s gameplay he did tell IGN that spiking the ball will require players to move the controller upward, and passes will be made by mimicking a throw using the wand controller with different motions leading to either a lob type pass or a faster bullet pass. Fans should look forward to even more innovative use of the Wii’s technology in Madden Wii, so be sure to check for full updates on this and other titles from’s E3 correspondents in the days to come.

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