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Sega Announces “The Club” For Next-Gen Systems

Sega Announces “The Club” For Next-Gen Systems

by Bradley DeLorenzoMay 5, 2006

Sega today announced a new game coming for next-gen systems.  There is no specific mention of Wii however there is a chance of it gracing Nintendo’s new console.  Set for a 2007 release it is described as a third-person action shooter.

Seems reminiscant of the GTA series of games:
The Club is a loosely organized and highly illegal underground entity. For most people, The Club exists only as an urban legend – a game where criminals are paid huge amounts to carry out gunfights and where online spectators view, gamble and cheer them on in a deadly game of skill. Yet the rumours are true. People are getting rich. People are dying. The first task is to survive, but according to their rules – quickly, relentlessly and with style. ”

It should be noted that when Sega announced Sega Rally for next-gen systems they were referring to the PS3 and XBox 360. There is no specific mention of consoles in this press release so hopefully Sega will opt to also support the Wii with this game.

Complete press release.

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