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Modified Gamecubes confirmed at E3 2006

Modified Gamecubes confirmed at E3 2006

by T.J. GoforthMay 19, 2006

The rumors have been floating around for quite some time now. We reported a few days ago that it was starting to look as if almost all Wii games on the show floor were running off of GameCubes. While the Wii shells were there, that is all they were…shells. Now an official statement has been put out by Nintendo on the matter. GameDaily got the scoop. 

“The Wii hardware we exhibited at E3 2006 was made specifically for the E3 show and is not the final mass-production version. Some of this hardware was cased in Nintendo GameCube housing.” – Nintendo of America 

So there you have it, what we were playing Wii games on were quasi-complete builds of the Wii hardware, but encased in Cube demo shells hidden away. Wrap your head around that one! Nintendo of America’s PR Manager Matt Atwood also commented on the area of final Wii graphics.

“For some of the games that you’ve seen, the focus for them was not graphics at all, and so by design they were made to have a very broad appeal to them — something that even your non-gamers can understand. It isn’t the final hardware, so at this point anything could happen, but this is very typical of what happens at E3; this is something I’ve seen with every other publisher and Nintendo in the past. So will the system specs change? The answer is they’re still finalizing it. But as far as what you saw at E3 we think that was very indicative of the experience Wii will offer… It was Wii hardware.�

Two small statements, and two very interesting stories to pull from each. Who knows what will change from here on out!

You can check out WiiNintendo’s post on May 15th showing pictures of these Gamecubes here,


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