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Movie from Jerry Bruckheimer

Movie from Jerry Bruckheimer

by T.J. GoforthMay 19, 2006

In the latest news from Gamasutra, Jerry Bruckheimer, of film director fame, is producing a movie entitled “Game Boys”.  Quote:

– Action film director Jerry Bruckheimer, who recently indicated that he will produce the film adaptation of Ubisoft’s Prince of Persia, this week indicated that he is planning another video game-related movie. The film, Game Boys, is written by Tom Ropelewski and Evan Katz, and it tells the story of two thirty-something video game enthusiasts who marshal an army of other gamers in order to combat monsters from a video game that have mysteriously come to life. Bruckheimer Films’ Mike Stenson and Chad Oman will executive produce.
I doubt this has anything to do with a Game Boy, but I love the fact that movies and video games have a connection to theater!

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