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Hochiminh’s Rant Day 18

Hochiminh’s Rant Day 18

by T.J. GoforthMay 21, 2006

OH MY GOD!! I saw this SSBB roster shot:

And I was surprised. It is fake, obviously, but this could be an example of the layout of the screen. Some of those characters that are in the photo I would definitely love to see. I think Tom Nook, King Dedede, Captain Olimar, and Balloon Fighter would all be great first-party characters. Then you got Magin Poo, Mega Man, and Bomberman as third-party characters. This guy must of done some major photoshopping and a lot of time to get this work of art completed. I LOVE the creativity of gamers these days.

Someone making a Mario out of Rubik’s cubes:


Creating your own personal Wii:


And even the Wii Hide and Seek idea.

I think this Hide and Seek idea would be interesting. I know it is not a real game, but someone needs to send this idea to Nintendo to fulfill our fantasies. I know that this game would have such great reactions with the Wiimote that it wouldn’t be funny!

All of the links are in the Fanboy section column. See you guys tomorrow.

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