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Gamestop game reservation rumor

Gamestop game reservation rumor

by T.J. GoforthMay 22, 2006

topnav logoAMN is reporting that Gamestop will soon be taking reserves for Nintendo Wii games. Their list shows Red Steel, Madden Wii, Rayman: Raving Rabbids, Need for Speed: Carbon (announced at E3, multi-platform), and Medal of Honor will be among some of the titles you can reserve. This is quite an interesting story. First off, they say we can expect to reserve software soon, but what about reserving the actual Wii itself? There is no mention in the article about reserving the actual system. Second, just a few days ago I was talking to my local Gamestop manager (who I have known for years, and trust completely), and he informed me that there probably wouldn’t be any reserves for the Wii or PS3 until Sept-Oct sometime. Maybe this is true, since we were talking about the console and not the software. Perhaps he was wrong, perhaps AMN is wrong, perhaps they are both right…who knows. Looks like I am going to be waiting, car keys in hand, just incase this story comes true.


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