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Newsweek: Nintendo’s Remarkable Comeback

Newsweek: Nintendo’s Remarkable Comeback

by Bradley DeLorenzoMay 22, 2006

It’s one thing when all the gaming/nerd/computer sites express there opinion of Nintendo, but when it leaks over into the mainstream press (Microsoft partner, non the less) you know Nintendo is going to be a force to reckon with…. wii booth

By N’Gai Croal

Newsweek International

May 29, 2006 issue – Like Cannes for movies, the most important forum for the $30 billion videogame industry is the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). Held each May in Los Angeles, it’s preceded by a series of chest-thumping press conferences from each of the three console manufacturers (Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft) as they jockey for mind share and market dominance. But just as you can’t judge a film by its script alone, experienced attendees know that you can’t properly assess a game until you’ve actually played it. That goes double for Nintendo, whose lower-tech consoles are currently a distant second to Sony in Japan and third to Microsoft in North America and Europe.

So the three-hour wait to try Nintendo’s revolutionary new game controller, the Wii (pronounced “wee”), at this year’s E3 convention must have been hugely gratifying to company execs. Nintendo is placing a double-or-nothing bet on the Wii, which closely resembles a television remote. The hope is that its more appealing, intuitive, gesture-based interface—you simply swing the remote back and forth to play virtual tennis, flick it to have Mario launch a boulder at his enemies, point it toward alien monsters before blasting them into oblivion—will lure a wider audience of women, parents and the elderly.

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