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Wii to Launch on October 24th

Wii to Launch on October 24th

by T.J. GoforthMay 23, 2006

Well, I opened at my Game Crazy today and for the first time, we have Wii dates on our Master release schedule. A few are November and Q4 2006, but a majority of the titles rest on 10/24, with a ‘last day to prebook’ on 10/14 (we give ten days as a company standard). 10/24 is a Tuesday btw.Note this is pure speculation, but on two separate occasions, our list has given away a systems launch date before it was announced. I’m also curious if any Gamestop/EB other retail chain employees have seen this day? Also, seems like a rather odd placeholder date…and 99% of the time, our placeholder dates list either the month (October 06′) or what quarter it is supposed to come (Q4 2006)

Finally…a placeholder date that doesn’t seem like a placeholder! I will keep my fingers crossed. I also have some Wii related news that spawned from my trip to the mall, which I will post in just a few.


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