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New Super Mario Bros. Secrets, Tips & Tricks

New Super Mario Bros. Secrets, Tips & Tricks

by Bradley DeLorenzoMay 25, 2006

original SMB booklet

I beat the New Super Mario Bros. two days after I got it. I didn’t run through every level and I also didn’t make sure I collected everything on every level either.

After beating it, I went back and began collecting everything and looking for things. If you are having a hard time finding things after beating the game, check out some of the following tips.

Thanks to gbatemp for a lot of these.


New Super Mario BrosQ: How do I get to world 4 and 7? (‘Secret’ worlds)
Beat the last boss in the last castle of world 2 or 5 as mini mario (use the stomp technique, jump and press down) or have a mini mushroom to use after you beat the boss.

Q: How to get to the first cannon in world 1?
MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THE SHELL SUIT, go to the middle castle, to the part where the pipe shoots you up through the outlined coins, get to the ledge. then slide down the wall and go in the press up door. If you go a little up and further right past the star coin you go in a warp pipe.

Q: How to find the last coin in the first castle?
On the last tight rope before you get to the boss door….you have to use it to bounce really high and there will be a pipe on the ceiling. Enter it.

Q: How do you get to the Cannon in world 3?
At the ghost house jump on the last switch, go up the stairs (that were created by the switch) but don’t jump in the hole to the left where a door apppears. Instead jump over the hole, go down the stairs to the left. Another door should appear next to the other one beneath the stairs. Make sure you get their before that switch-music stops.

new super mario brosQ: How do I get the last red mushroom house in world 2?
From 2-4: You need to be mini-mario – then when you first go into the water, head left and there should be a mini-pipe.

Q: How do I get the world 5 cannon?
In the ghost house, there are three bricks in a row and some hidden blocks above it…

Q: Where is the last coin in the World 6 castle?
There’s a part where two blocks are moving vertically like a gate opening and closing. You have to jump up on the top one and then head to the secret are on the right

Q: How do I get the second coin in level 7-1?
You have to ride the floating question mark box far to the right to a warp pipe.

Q: How do I get to stage 7-7, after beating 7-6?
Immediately after the halfway mark (in 7-6), you’ll come across 2 rows of blocks – one of the blocks on the bottom row contains a vine.

New Super Mario Bros.Q:The last coin of 7-Castle (the last of world 7): Is the only way to get it by wall jumping?
You can either try to time a wall jump (which I think is harder) or you can just stay on the green blocks when they fall and time your jump to the platform so that you hit the coin

Q: Can you play as Luigi?
Yes you can, Hold L+R and press A on a save file.

Q: Different endings?
Maybe, so far the only different ending is depending on what levels / how many levels you have played through. If you have played through alot, then you will hear the famous ‘super mario bros’ song in the end of the credits.

Q: Can you only save after beating a mini castle / castle?
In the first run yes, after you beat the game once you can save whenever. You can also save by paying the coin toll gates.

Q: How do you get fireworks when you clear a level?
To get the classic Level Clear tune when clearing a level and to see fireworks, you need to touch the flag pole when the last 2 digits of the timer match (eg. 122, 233, 344 etc.) Also, the number of fireworks you’ll see will be the same as the number that you matched on the timer.

Other tips: 

After beating the game, you can buy diffrent “styles” for the touch-screen for 20 star coins each. (These are really awesome!)

If you get x11,x22,x33 on the timer, the starting point of each world will be a Red-mushroom house (items), x44,x55,x66 gives you the Green-mushroom house (1up minigame), and x77,x88,x99 gives you the Orange mushroom house (mega mushroom).

Bonus:  Download the original 8-bit instruction booklet PDF, Here!

Thanks Triforce for the PDF!

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