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Nintendo DS Lite US Street Date Broken: Now Available

Nintendo DS Lite US Street Date Broken: Now Available

by Bradley DeLorenzoMay 31, 2006

ds liteI called around to a couple of local Target and Walmart stores and found out they were selling the DS almost 2 weeks before the official release date:

– Philadelphia SE Target – “Selling it tommorow”
– Phila-Bridesburg Target – “Should of had it yesterday”
– Deptford, NJ Target – “Not out yet”

– Wal-Mart Store #2141
1601 South Columbus Blvd – “Yes we do”, “Can you hold one for me”, “We don’t hold any”, “Are there a lot there”, “yeah, we got them in last night and nobody bought them yet”


Just got back from riding my Vespa in the 90+ degree heat from walmart, The DS cost 129.88$ plus tax.

Here are some pics:
(View them all in hi-res here: Flickr )

ds lite

ds lite

ds lite

(View them all in hi-res here: Flickr )

DS vs. DS Lite in the Sun!

One of the biggest questions people asked me about the DS Lite is if it’s easier to see the screen in the sun, the answer is sadly no, it’s a lot worse…. I was very upset when I gave this a try, I thought maybe it was the angle or the position, so I swapped them around, yet the DS was better. I changed the brightness options (from low to high) on the DS Lite and on every level it was still VERY hard to see (It worked best on the highest brightness, which is pictured). The regular DS screen visibility is around 50-75% better than the DS Lite. I first noticed this with my own eye, then decided to take the picture, so the camera didn’t have anything to do with the screen looking dark. I shot it from multiple angles (all TRYING to favor the DS Lite). The DS Lite was VERY reflective, almost like a mirror…

(Here are some Pictures:) view larger ones, Flickr

View the video of this,

ds sun

ds in sun

DS in sun

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