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Wii Specs Rumor

Wii Specs Rumor

by T.J. GoforthMay 31, 2006

poixEasy Nintendo: First i would like to thank you for this interview, it really means alot to us here at Easy Nintendo.
Red Steel got alot of attention at E3 this year, what is Ubisofts reaction to that?Xavier Poix: Well we are very happy that everyone got to experience it for themselves and that many of them came away pleased.

EN: How is the online multiplayer going to work? how many players, what sort of modes will it have?
XP: Unfortunately i cannot comment on anything new in regard to multiplayer at this time other than to say it will have most if not all of the standard modes you would expect from a first person shooter.

EN: Can you comment on the price?
XP: (laughs) Sorry.

EN: How about the Wii hardware? What are the specs?
XP: Although i cannot give you exact numbers at this time i can give you a rough idea about the power of the machine. I would compare the graphics chip to somewhere inbetween the ATI Radeon X1400 and the Radeon X1600, and the CPU to between the AthlonXP 2400+ and the AthlonXP 3000+.

EN: Can you tell us how much memory at what speed the Wii has?
XP: I cannot say how much memory the Wii has, but its running at 650mhz.

EN: As we saw in many current-gen titles, 480p can result in significant jaggies. Can we expect AA and AF from Ubisoft’s Wii titles?
XP: Red steel will have 4x Antialiasing and 8x Anisotropic Filtering.

EN: What’s been your favorite thing about working on Red Steel?
XP: The controller, easily.

EN: What was the biggest challenge?
XP: Not telling the world about it back in january (laughs). Honestly the biggest challenge has been making sure the control is just right.

EN: Will Rayman on the Wii be a port of the current-gen game with new controls, or will it have new art assets for Wii?
XP: Its not a port, other than that i cannot say.

EN: We’ve been hearing a lot of consistent talk about 60fps at 480p widescreen from other developers. Is this something we’ll see a lot of on Wii?
XP: I believe so yes.

EN: Why is this target so easy to hit?
XP: The hardware is totally free of bottlenecks, nothing is slowing us down.

EN: For us graphics whores, what kind of sweet graphical effects will we see in Red Steel or Rayman that we haven’t
seen in Gamecube games?
XP: We have alot of self shadowing going on, also we will have some normal maps and bump maps things like that.

EN: Will there be any innovative uses of physics in Rayman?
XP: Quite a few interesting things with physics in both Red Steel and in Rayman. We’ve got ragdoll in Red Steel for

EN: You said that you were using FEAR as inspiration for Red Steel’s AI. How is that shaping up?
XP: Yes, we loved FEAR and we tried to draw alot from it in terms of AI. In Red Steel the AI will throw grenades
back at you, it will duck for cover and also try to flank you. Many things.

EN: Will we see any sort of single disc network play like you have on the DS?
XP: No comment.

EN: Will Sam Fisher be making a return to Nintendo’s home console?
XP: At some point.

EN: Lost Magic was one of the first compelling 3rd-party games for the DS in a while. Does Ubisoft have any more big
plans for the handheld?
XP: We do, keep an eye on the Tokyo Gameshow.


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