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Columnist Against Video Games

Columnist Against Video Games

by T.J. GoforthJune 6, 2006

Congress is after videogames. A number of state legislatures want nothing more than to turn videogames into the same scapegoat comics became back in the 1950s. And then there are those in the mass media facilitating the mindset videogames are entertainment harmful to children armed with inconclusive anecdotal evidence.Enter John Rosemond, a syndicated Christian columnist with 11 books on parenting under his belt who believes “collective commons sense concerning children has been swamped by a tidal wave of psychobabble that’s lasted some 40 years now” and a self-proclaimed advocate for removing videogames from children’s minds.His latest column ran in a number of newspapers, including the Health section of Monday’s edition of The Charlotte Observer.

“When video games first came out, I warned my readers that they were not appropriate for children. I maintained they were not games; rather, they produced stress and were addictive, literally. It was not a popular stance,” he says, before entering into a ‘I Told You So’ story about a mother and father dealing with introducing videogames into the lives of their young children.

There’s plenty to chew on here, and you can read the entire column at your leisure, but here are some choice excerpts:

    “Since then, hundreds of parents have shared with me their negative experiences with these nefarious devices. Their stories go in my “I Told You So” file. The following, written by the mother of several young children, is the latest addition.””When they played, there would be fighting and tears. When the parents turned it off, the kids would mope around and complain of having nothing to do. Were these the same children who, pre-Xbox, had never had a problem entertaining themselves? Actually, they were not the “same” children at all. They were beginning to exhibit addictive behavior, and as anyone who has ever lived with one will testify, an addict and the former nonaddict are two entirely different people.” 

    “”Mom ends her story with a warning to all parents: “I firmly believe that video games are dangerous to children and families. Do not buy one. You cannot control it.”

    Yep. I told you so.””

I don’t even know where to begin. You can e-mail Rosemond for yourself by contacting his web manager Julie Clark at

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