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Need For Speed: Carbon Info

Need For Speed: Carbon Info

by T.J. GoforthJune 17, 2006

nfsmw logoI just picked up Game Informer today and have yet to read the Need For Spped: Carbon article. Well, here’s some info.

Some new details about the next entry in the Need for Speed series have popped up. First off, the game will be appearing on the Wii and DS, poor little GBA left out this time. The game appears to be a mix of Need for Speed: Underground and Need for Speed: Most Wanted. You will still have the ability to customize your car, known as “pimping your ride� to the younger generation. The police chases make a return, and you will find yourself on narrow roads, and deep within canyons trying to avoid capture. Apparently there will be a a driving crew of some sort, each with different talents related to cars (such as tuning). The opponents you race against will also feature certain characteristics, for example, some people may try to ram your car off the road, while a drafter will ride behind you to catch your draft. The game is called Carbon because it takes place in Carbon Canyon, a popular place in California for motorheads to meet. Finally, there will be anywhere from 50-100 vehicles, with Porsche being included this time around.Link

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