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Nagashi Interview

Nagashi Interview

by T.J. GoforthJune 22, 2006

NagashiSuper Monkey Ball=BEST ACTION PUZZLE GAME EVR!!!

It’s only a few months since our last meeting with Toshihiro Nagoshi, but this time we were able to talk about much more – on record, which always helps. The president in charge of Sega of Japan’s entire console game division, now called New Entertainment, enjoyed a strong E3 showing with Super Monkey Ball for the Wii finally exposed, and the fantastic Yakuza for PS2 beginning to near its Hollywood-voiced, big-budgeted, western release later this year.

We go into loads of detail about his current projects, particularly Yakuza, before gossping about other matters such as the whisky we gave him at our last interview, Yuji Naka leaving, potential for any further arcade work, and, in his words, “a lot of unfinished things left for the home videogame consoles”.

In addition to the full text of the interview over the next three pages, we’ve opted to broadcast our usual top-notch video interview treatment to go with it (just see further down the page there) although this only contains highlights and stuff for reasons we can’t be bothered to explain. We recommend you check out both and we hope you enjoy!


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