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Red Steel Perks

Red Steel Perks

by T.J. GoforthJune 28, 2006

This game keeps getting more fine-tuned and fine-tuned.  I can’t wait to play the finished product. 

Mathieu Minel, head of Marketing for Nintendo France, listed some of the positives and negatives he saw when it came to his play time on Red Steel. Thanks to Fredrick for the translation!

* Positive Points :

– – Incredible design for a non-Japanese game Intelligent use of lighting effect (particularly the kind of halo that floats around the characters when they avec their back towards light ources). Excellent character design, in between naturalism and caricature (far from the “Uncanny Valleyâ€? [see Wikipedia] that affects most of the “realisticâ€? oriental games). Amusing yet faithful reproduction of the pop atmosphere that often surrounds Japanese architecture.

– – Shoot
Very good precision of the reticule in concentration mode. True sensations in the handling of the weapons (I had no problems
calibrating my movements, contrary to some other show attendees)

– – Melee weapons
It is highly enjoyable to block with the nunchuk.

– – Functions have been mapped on the controllers with great care : I am no good with FPSs yet I found my experience with Red Steel very enjoyable and I immediately felt the instinctive side of the Wii controllers.

* Negative Point

– – The Katana’s response seems less accurate than that of the firearms as of right now, but the developers are currently working hard on that issue.

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