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Hochminh’s Rant Day 25 (Who Are You Going To Let Play Your Nintendo Wii?)

Hochminh’s Rant Day 25 (Who Are You Going To Let Play Your Nintendo Wii?)

by T.J. GoforthJuly 2, 2006

As I was lying in my bed, pondering about my Wii expectations, I came up with an apparant revelation, the answer to the question, “who are you going to let play your Nintendo Wii?”

Yeah, I guess this is a question thrown out into left field, but let’s tinker with it, shall we?  For me, this question popped up because of what has been happening to my Gamecube controllers.

Well, well, I used to bring my sturdy Gamecube over every day my wife and I would come over to babysit by uncle’s three bratty kids.  Moronic me forgot that they had a wooden floor.  When they played a game, they would accidentally drop my contollers.  One by one, they ALL GOT RUINED!  Apparantly, I bought a fifth controller, so techinically, I only have one properly working controller. 

Now, this is what came to my question.  Since the Wiimote will be motion-sensored, plus will more than likely be more expensive, I will have to think twice about bring that Wii over there.  Moreover, let’s say if a kid walks by the TV, and you incidentally whack him with the Wiimote because you are trying to hit the ball over the net in Wii Sports.  I am somewhat afraid of this instance.  I guess you could do small, short motions, but still, you could never know if a kid was in the room, especially in an engrossing game such as Metroid Prime 3: Corruption or The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. 

Shorter motions is one solution.  Another would be the fact that you can use the “classic” controller, but I don’t believe that all games will use this method. 

Do you see the two problems here?  For one, will the Wiimote be durable enough to last contoller poundings on a wooden surface, and two, how will Nintendo overcome the probabliity of an accident from a Wiimote to the head?  I love Nintendo, but these are serious problems which Nintendo needs to address.  If somehow my uncle ever affords a suitable carpet for his living room, then maybe, just maybe, I would reconsider and haul my Wii over for the ride.  Otherwise, it’s a no-win situation. 


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