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DS Lite Selling Six Times More Than PSP

DS Lite Selling Six Times More Than PSP

by T.J. GoforthJuly 4, 2006

The DS Lite is simply overpowering the PSP, 6 times over. These are Japan’s sale numbers within a 10 day period.

Nintendo’s DS Lite continues to sell outstandingly in the face of less than stellar competition.

According to Media Create Co., a Japanese console sales reporting company, Nintendo sold 157,022 units of DS Lite between June 15 and 25. That figure is just over six times the amount of PSP’s sold in Japan during the same time frame, 25,467.

DS Lite has been a sensation all around the world, selling through most of the first shipment in North America within the first two days.

With great new summer titles and offerings from Nintendo and other companies, DS Lite and DS should be continuing their hot streak.


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