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Louisiana Game Bill Being Defended by Senator

Louisiana Game Bill Being Defended by Senator

by T.J. GoforthJuly 5, 2006

STILL, that darn Louisiana game bill. What’s the holdup? Pass it or don’t pass it. Of course, I don’t really care.

Even though a Louisiana judge already blocked a law signed off by state Governor Kathleen Blanco, it’s not dead yet. Senator Mike Michot recently talked with Louisiana news station KATC 3, where he says the bill’s meant to curb violence within the state.”The last thing we need is some video game promoting violent and illegal behavior. I understand where they are coming from,” says Michot. “They [the videogame industry] feel like we are trying to stop the sale of these videos and in fact we are.”

If the bill is stopped, Michot believes they’ll simply devise a new plan of attack. “We can’t legislate morality but certainly we can stop these games from being sold in Louisiana, getting into the hands of our children. It’s the least we could do,” he says.

Of course, it doesn’t help that the news report includes footage from sports games.


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