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Nintendo Trivia: Round 1

Nintendo Trivia: Round 1

by T.J. GoforthJuly 6, 2006

Test your knowledge at my first trivia game.  This one will be complete multiple choice.  There are 20 questions.  Choose the answer (or best answer) to these.  I will give the answers at a later date.  Thanks for playing.

1. What was the developer for the Acclaim-styled sports games for the Nintendo Gamecube?

a. Left Field

b. Radical Entertainment

c. Climax

d. Z-Axis

2. On the NES, Tengen was one of the major publishers.  In time during the Super NES era, Tengen slipped into hard times and was bought out by what major powerhouse?

a. Konami

b. Midway

c. Capcom

d. Acclaim

3. As you may know, Acclaim originally created the console versions of Mortal Kombats 1-3, Trilogy, and Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3.  My question is: what developer created Mortal Kombat Trilogy?

a. Radical Entertainment

b. Sculptured Software

c. Probe Entertainment 

d. Iguana Entertainment

4. Of the list of RARE titles, which one came out FIRST:

a. Battletoads

b. Slalom

c. Marble Madness

d. RC Pro-Am

5. Square Enix used to be two seperate companies, Square and Enix.  Besides Square and Enix, what other major publisher was third in the RPG department?

a. Namco

b. Accolade

c. Jaleco

d. Koei

6. Nintendo, themselves, has had so many first and second-party developers.  Which of these groups was a developer that has never made a game for Nintendo?

a. Camelot, Left Field, Retro Studios

b. EAD, N-Space, NSC

c. Hal, Silicon Knights, High Voltage

d. Square, RARE, Mindscape

7. What recently announced third-party game was heralded as the best licensed third-party game of all time according to LIMA?

a. Star Wars franchise

b. the Spongebob Squarepants franchise

c. the WWE franchise

d. the Lord of the Rings franchise

8. Which of the following was NOT an RPG published by Square/Enix for the Super NES?

a. Chrono Trigger

b. Secret of Evermore

c. Earthbound

d. Brandish

9. Most puzzle games for the Super NES were made by what publisher?

a. Ocean

b. Activision

c. Hudson Soft

d. Bullet-Proof Software

10. EA was a really non-existent publisher in the past.  However, a N64 game planned to change that.  What was it?

a. Beetle Adventure Racing

b. Jungle Strike

c. Harry Potter

d. Urban Strike

11. For the best football games, Madden currently rules, but what was the main football franchise during the NES/SNES era?

a. Play Action Football franchise

b. John Madden Footbal franchise

c. Tecmo Bowl franchise

d. NFL Quarterback Club franchise

12.  So many first-person shooters went under the radar for the Nintendo Gamecube.  Which one of these sets of games did NOT grace the Cube?

a. Serious Sam: Next Encounter

b. Project Snowblind

c. Judge Dredd: Dredd vs. Death

d. Red Faction II

13. Sega was a major publisher after it fell into bankruptcy.  What game was their first game for a Nintendo console?

a. Sega Swirl

b. Sonic: the Hedgehog

c. Beach Spikers

d. Super Monkey Ball

14. The Batman series in the NES era garnered lots of respect, even becoming the most purchased comic-book franchise back in the day.  What company owned the Batman series then?

a. Kemco

b. Sunsoft

c. Tradewest

d. Ubi Soft

15. Cartoon-based movies were the way to go, with Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, and The Lion King as major Super NES games.  Who made these games, from the company who made Aladdin to the company who made The Lion King?

a. Capcom, GT Interactive, Virgin

b. Capcom, Hudson Soft, Virgin

c. Interplay, Hudson Soft, Virgin

d. Capcom, Hudson Soft, Mc ‘O River

16. One of the more auspicious titles for the NES, known for it’s PC- control in a mystery interface, was a sleeper-hit.  This game, published by Jaleco, was known as:

a. the Mafat Conspiracy

b. Clue

c. Maniac Mansion

d. Shadowgate

17. Just recently, the James Bond franchise, formerly of EA’s, was acquired by what major publisher?

a. Activision

b. Namco/Bandai

c. Atari

d. Ubi Soft

18. Buck Bumble, Street Racer, and Pro Rally are all owned by what major publisher?

a. Sega

b. EA

c. Capcom

d. Ubi Soft

19. EA’s BIG subsidiary began early on in the Gamecube era.  What was EA BIG’s first game for the Gamecube?

a. NBA Street

b. Freekstyle

c. NFL Street

d. SSX Tricky

20. Lastly, the Super Nintendo introduced the Super FX Chip to the world, utilized in Stunt Race FX and Star Fox by Nintendo.  However, Vortex was an unique FX Chip game that was NOT made from Nintendo.  Who made the game?

a. GT Interactive

b. Playmates

c. Electro Brain

d. Atlus 




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    I must say, I could not agree with you in 100%, but it?s just my opinion, which indeed could be wrong.
    p.s. You have a very good template . Where did you find it?

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