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Sudoku Gridmaster Review

Sudoku Gridmaster Review

by T.J. GoforthJuly 10, 2006

Sudoku Gridmaster got a porous 6 out of 10 by Nintendojo.  For the review, read on: 

The number game Sudoku has become so popular that it’s earned a cemented place next to the crosswords in the daily news. Nintendo recently hopped on the bandwagon by including it with Brain Age. Now they’ve taken their Touch Generation line one step further by devoting an entire title to the worldwide sensation. Sudoku Gridmaster hopes to take advantage of all those untold grandmas, who lined up at midnight for a DS Lite.


A game played with pen and paper doesn’t exactly translate to graphical hoo-hah on a portable screen. The rotating, screensaver-esque question marks that float in the background serve as the pinnacle of pizzazz here. Those interested in a full-fledged game of Sudoku probably won’t care about any kind of visuals other than grids and numbers anyhow.


Gridmaster‘s audio is pretty much irrelevant, as Sudoku doesn’t rely on any sort of sound whatsoever to play. The available music tracks aren’t entirely offensive, but they aren’t Tetris either. Practicing Grid-apprentices would be advised to supply their own tunes.

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