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Throwback Looking at the Wii

Throwback Looking at the Wii

by T.J. GoforthJuly 10, 2006

They just picked up a bunch of former games from defuncted Acclaim, and they are already looking at the Wii. 

While it’s been known for some time that the Acclaim brand was salvaged and put back into circulation on a domestic publisher of Korean PC games, the fate of its catalog has been a question mark ever since the publisher declared bankruptcy in September of 2004.

When upstart Toronto-based outfit Throwback Entertainment on Friday announced its acquisition of a selection of the defunct publisher’s offerings, it answered the question of who wound up with the rights to games like Vexx, Re-Volt, and XGRA. But it also raised a number of questions about what exactly Throwback planned to do with those franchises.

Over the weekend, Throwback CEO Thomas Maduri took the time to answer GameSpot’s questions about his company’s big pickup.

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