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Korean Gaming Uprise

Korean Gaming Uprise

by T.J. GoforthJuly 12, 2006

Gaming is everyone, and now has completely exploded in South Korea.  I’m glad other communities are sharing the same interest in video games as I am.

Pearl Research, an industry analyst company based in San Francisco recently released a report on the status of gaming in South Korea.

According to the report, the South Korean gaming market will surpass billion in 2007, which would equate to a 18 percent increase over this year. The main cause of this continuing growth is the already immense PC and online market within the country. Other contributing factors include mobile and casual games.


South Korea is about the size of Indiana, but nearly forty million people live in the country. South Korea also has the highest percentage of broadband internet usage, which helps the gaming market succeed.

Obviously PC gaming owns the largest chunk of the gaming market in South Korea, with mobile gaming coming in second. Console gaming is a distant third, with PlayStation 2 and Xbox only making some splashes last year.

It is expected that the release of PlayStation 3 and Wii will help boost the console gaming market, which has already seen some changes with Xbox 360.

On a more personal level, having lived in South Korea most of my life, I notice some trends here in Korea that most may not realize. Handhelds are really starting to make a splash. DS and PSP were released roughly a year or two ago here in Seoul, and at first sales were rather slow, but a boost in DS titles saw the console sell increasingly well.

The next big console market will be South Korea. Now that Korea has conquered the PC and mobile areas of gaming, it could be the console and handheld areas that enter the limelight next.

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