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Konductra for DS

Konductra for DS

by T.J. GoforthJuly 14, 2006

The latest DS puzzle game offer something unique, and we’ve got the exclusive screenshots to prove it!

For starters, will you explain what kind of game Konductra is?

Konductra is a puzzle game designed to challenge you in many ways. It will exercise your brain as you solve geometric problems and color match tiles to create lines or groupings of color. Each piece consists of two colored ends. Rather than use the d-pad and face buttons to position and rotate your piece into place, you place them on the board using the stylus.

You can place a piece anywhere on the board where there is room. You simply touch an empty square and move the stylus to an adjacent empty square then you lift the pen. Couldn’t be easier. Once you’ve got that down, the only other thing you need to learn is how to remove pieces and this is where the game gets it’s name. You simply trace from a conductor on the edge of the board, through a group of color and then exit off the board and lift the stylus. Kind of like an electrical connection if you will. When you lift the stylus all of the pieces in your group or line will shatter. There is a tutorial with voice in game that takes you through these two basic mechanics.

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