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Oct. 19th Wii Release Rumor

Oct. 19th Wii Release Rumor

by T.J. GoforthJuly 16, 2006

Another elated rumor of a late October release date in Japan. 

If I had to take any of these Wii release date rumors a little more seriously, this would be the one. We have reported rumors coming from Japanese retailers numerous times, and these guys are right on the money. There hasn’t been a time yet when they were wrong, with an especially impressive set of insider info this month.

Now more than a few Japanese retailers are reporting that they have a ship date for the Wii version of Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2. They are telling people to mark their calendars for October 19th. People are equating this launch date to a same day Wii launch. If this is true, then the Wii looks like it will launch late October, early November in other territories.

Keep in mind that this is pure speculation as of right now, and may end up being a placeholder date. Having said this, I am definitely keeping my eye on this one.


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