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Comic-Con ’06 (Courtesy of 1UP)

Comic-Con ’06 (Courtesy of 1UP)

by T.J. GoforthJuly 17, 2006

Any comic-book games that you need more info on, then go here:

The Comic-Con page is live! With the show kicking off Wednesday night in San Diego, we started thinking a couple months ago that it would be fun to make it a week long event on 1UP rather than just something where most of the good content gets lost over the weekend and then everyone who isn’t able to go forgets about it as soon as it happens.

So we started bugging all the game companies that will be there showing off games to see what we could come up with ahead of time. And the plan has worked out pretty well, as you can see now with stories on games like Sam & Max: Season 1 and Phoenix Wright: Justice For All. The plan is to keep that coverage going with multiple stories every day this week and then the big show floor coverage once the doors actually open.

Anyway, here’s a schedule of what to look forward to from our Comic-Con coverage for the rest of the week. We’ve got a few big things in the works that are not 100% confirmed yet as well, but here’s the stuff we know is coming:

More at:

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