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Nintendo Wii Details So Far

Nintendo Wii Details So Far

by T.J. GoforthJuly 19, 2006

To wrap up everything KNOWN on the Wii, this article sums it up:

Nintendo’s Wii (pronounced WEE) console bills itself as “not the next generation in games, but the next level in game play experience.� Nintendo’s always been known for taking risks, going an unconventional route, and appealing to an audience that is largely dismissed by the competition. The Wii is no different. With the Wii, Nintendo aims to bring gaming to the “gamers who don’t consider themselves gamers�, as well as the “lapsed gamers� who got out of the gaming scene because it became more and more complicated, and of course the young audience to whom Nintendo has always appealed.Nintendo doesn’t have the seemingly infinite resources of a company like Sony and they don’t have the technological backbone of Microsoft, so they’ve gone a different route by offering a simple, affordable console that they hope will appeal more broadly than the PS3 and Xbox 360.

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