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Sony’s “Best Brand” Opinion

Sony’s “Best Brand” Opinion

by T.J. GoforthJuly 20, 2006

Another agreeable argument. Sony being named the “best brand” was because of all the electronics they make, not just video games.

There’ve been some rumblings lately that Sony might just be the “best brand� in America. At least, a recent survey kind of pointed to that conclusion.

Now, setting aside the fairly vague terminology of the study itself, it’s time that we took a logical, objective, totally unbiased look at the survey’s results and their authenticity.

Liars! From Hell’s Heart, I Spit At Thee!

Let’s not let things get out of control. It would be quite easy to take the knee-jerk, totally understandable and justified reaction that any right-thinking, red-blooded video game fan would only naturally come to. See, the truth is, there may yet be something to this whole theory.

Think about it for a minute. Why is Sony such a recognizable brand name? Well, first of all, this company has its fingers dipped in nearly every ink well in electronics, including music playback, computers, televisions, and various media players in addition to games. So, the name itself, which is short and easy to remember, is also plastered pretty much everywhere.

It’d be hard for Nintendo, or any other corporation which specializes in one field only, to compete with that kind of exposure. Nintendo, of course, is a name best associated with game hardware itself, or, possibly, with game-based intellectual properties like Kirby and Pokemon. However, this presents the interesting dichotomy of watching an episode of Kirby: Right Back At Ya! on a Sony Vega television. And what about the man in red? Obviously, Mario’s seen a lot of screen time, but not so much in recent years, and believe it or not, not everyone immediately associates him with the Nintendo corporation directly. Plus, I can’t remember the last time I saw a Mario-themed stereo or DVD player.

Of course, there is one other, vital issue when considering Sony’s brand name and its prominence in the minds of the people. I think a lot of us might already be familiar with this particular aspect of the company’s products, but just in case some of us aren’t, a quick refresher of that singular trait might be worth bringing up again here.


If the descriptive expostulation wasn’t clear enough, I’ll spell it out: Certain items manufactured by a certain company which is topmost may be Americans’ minds might have a tendency to self-destruct after a predetermined period. So, a possibility is, in theory mind you, that instead of buying a particular Sony brand compact disc player and using it until the next big thing comes along, you’re buying a Sony brand compact disc player, then exchanging it for another when after it stops working, then — and, again, this is all theoretical conjecture — after that one breaks, you’re returning it for yet another one, or, worst case scenario, buying another one after that.

Looking at it that way, it makes perfect sense. It’s only natural to remember a particular brand name after you’ve had it hammered into your head dozens of times over and over again with repeated purchases. So, is the “number one brand� thing something to worry about? No, because the survey wasn’t directly related to video games. This wasn’t the PlayStation brand matching up against the DS; it was Sony electronics compared with Coke and Ford Motors, which is basically like asking whether popcorn is better than an automatic washing machine.

I think I’d choose popcorn. Everyone knows that wring-washers are the way to go.


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