Could Wii Hurt, Being in First Place

Many gaming fans are barracking for underdog Nintendo in the next-generation console battle, particularly after their triumphant showing at E3.

With Nintendo’s focus on innovation and new experiences rather than high-resolution graphics, Wii has excited even the most jaded gamers.

Some industry commentators are even predicting Nintendo will dominate next-generation console sales thanks to its significantly lower price tag, expected to be $329 in Australia. Xbox 360 starts from $499 and PlayStation 3 from $829.Wii Tennis.jpg
However, rival console manufacturers Sony and Microsoft might not be the only companies concerned about Nintendo’s possible resurgence in the home console market.

The Street reports that third-party publishers were caught off-guard by the fervor surrounding Nintendo’s motion-sensing Wii-mote, and will not be able to take advantage of the console’s pre-Christmas debut.

Even industry giant Electronic Arts was surprised, and has since ramped up its portfolio of games for Wii.Nintendo 64 and GameCube both suffered from a lack of third-party support compared to rival platforms. Hardware sales suffered accordingly and both machines met a premature demise.

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