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Could Wii Steal PS3’s Thunder?

Could Wii Steal PS3’s Thunder?

by T.J. GoforthJuly 25, 2006

Shane Bettenhausen in his 1up Blog examines the likelihood of the Nintendo Wii stealing the PS3’s thunder.

Dealing with all the PlayStation 3 backlash that I outlined in my last blog has certainly been tough…but my potential PS3 fandom faces another deadly challenge–the Nintendo Wii. Don’t think me a hater: I’m incredibly excited about the Wii…even though I didn’t fall in love with everything I played on it at E3, some of the games (Wario Ware: Smooth Moves, Wii Sports, Sonic Wild Ride) completely blew me away. These Wii titles are remarkably daring, instantly addictive, and phenomenally fun.

In fact, I’m afraid that Wii might be so fun that it could totally steal the PS3’s launch thunder. And I’m not talking about retail impact or how the gaming populace as a whole will react to the PS3, but rather how I personally feel about the $600 PS3 that I intend to buy. Imagine that I drop close to a grand for all the PS3 launch goodies…and I keep returning to the always-fun, super-crazy Wii games that I’ve already had for a few days (weeks? months?!) Seriously, I can see myself spending some quality time with a few of the PS3 launch games (Ridge Racer 7, Warhawk, Resistance) but if anyone else is over at my place, I think that the Wii will likely get whipped out. As gorgeous as RR7 should look, at the end of the day, as Kaz said at E3, ‘it’s Ridge Racer!’ Can snazzy HD graphics and 5.1 sound compete with waving wands around like a crazy person? Seems unlikely, knowing my friends.

Wii will launch with some truly stellar multiplayer content…and deep single-player fare like Zelda and Metroid Prime 3. PS3 will certainly ship alongside a TON of games, but will any of them be the kind of amazing showpieces that you want to justify your purchase? Will my PS3 and Xbox 360 gather dust until 2007? Will the Wii make all of my old-timey games seem lame?


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