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Sonic: Wild Fire Interview

Sonic: Wild Fire Interview

by T.J. GoforthJuly 25, 2006

An excerpt from the Official Nintendo Magazine in the UK:

Development for Sonic Wild Fire has essentially been going on for two years, this year developing, last year testing.As expected, the game is based off of Arabian Nights, and will follow Sonic’s adventures through a book. We saw some of the influence of Arabian Nights in our E3 demo.Dr. Eggman (I still say Robotnik damnit!) will be in the game.

Progression on Sonic Wild Fire and the Wiimote is going well, but more uses of the Wiimote than what was shown at E3 will be included. There will also be gameplay elements in Wild Fire that have never been seen in a Sonic game before.

Mr. Yojiro is very happy with the power of the Wii, and believes it is “fantastic hardware�.

Mr. Yojiro would like to create an entirely new series for the Wii that is not related to Sonic at all. He would like this title to take full advantage of all that the Wiimote has to offer.

Sonic Wild Fire is all about going back to the roots of the Sonic series. Speed is the name of the game.

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