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May the force be Wiith you

May the force be Wiith you

by Bradley DeLorenzoJuly 26, 2006

LucasArts hints at a ‘saber-swinging Star Wars game heading for the Wii!

Answering the prayers of Star Wars fans everywhere, one of Lucas’s henchmen just hinted at a lightsaber clash-em-up on Nintendo’s dream machine!

Flapping his lips at Comic-Con in San Diego, LucasArts’ Steve Sansweet says there are plans to bring games to all three next-gen consoles, including the Wii.

IGN also reports the loose-lipped spokesman noting the Wiimote’s resemblance of a lightsaber, plunging Star Wars fans into a frenzy of speculation that, yes, we’ll be clashing controllers before too long.

It’s just one more reason why we’re excited about the Wii, and if rumors are to be believed, we won’t have to wait too long before mauling that groundbreaking Wiimote!

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