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More Trauma Center News That I DIDN’T Know About

More Trauma Center News That I DIDN’T Know About

by T.J. GoforthJuly 28, 2006

I guess there will be a second doctor with new missions that are intertwined with the other missions.

Yesterday, a Famitsu article indicated that Trauma Center: Second Opinion would be a Wii remake, rather than a sequel, of the popular DS operation adventure Under the Knife. Atlus has now clarified those reports, as the company says the article did not tell the entire story.

Along with new graphics, animation and varying difficulty levels, Second Opinion will feature new operations types, including bone settings and organ transplants, as well as new surgical tools. As the title implies, Second Opinion includes a second doctor with new missions and two, intertwined story lines. To “enhance the drama and punctuate the action,” Atlus says the voice acting in Second Opinion will be greatly expanded, while the developers have revised Second Opinion’s control scheme to take advantage of Wii’s motion sensitive remote.

Atlus reconfirmed that Second Opinion will be a Wii launch title in North America, but further gameplay elements have yet to be revealed. Atlus says it will make further announcements regarding Second Opinion in late August or early September.


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