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What Consoles Will Be Ten Years From Now

What Consoles Will Be Ten Years From Now

by T.J. GoforthJuly 31, 2006

Adam Gothelf created a 1up blog to talk about what features could be looming in a systems foreseeable future. 

I’m surprised how far this went under the radar when I first noticed it as a quote in the EGM overheard section. Like any red blooded gamer I can’t wait for a game such as MGS4. At the same time though isn’t time we as gamers embrace a motivation to break from the console hooked up to a tv with a controller set up? Even the Wii has a relatively dog tied to a post set up.

I’ll play a pinball game or two of the Devil’s Advocate though. We shouldn’t abandon the ‘tethered’ system as long as developers are continuing to push the limits of character interactivity and graphics in videogames. However, we will hit a ceiling pretty damn soon and we should be prepared to start asking ourselves for something(gasp) more interesting. So the benefiting aspect of the Nintendo Wii is not how it breaks from PS3&360 to lead a crusade against a set-up we’re so used to. The Wii can quietly test the future over the saftey net that is gaming how’d we more or less expect. As for the wacky title above. A mirage? Another wacky theory of my idiolect? Maybe not.

Well, the company we certaintly bash for borrowing everything from the dual shock to the Spiderman 3 font may be a bit more creative than assumed with the hardly talked about mind altering patent(update-more like slightly partial mind altering 🙂 ). Imagine a world(dreamscape cue) that sums up what a videogame should be-full immersion(Ok, how do you write this WITHOUT getting lame on your shirt). And being delievered first besides someone else from Nintendo?’s easy to be hesitant. But is mind altering even what mainstream gamers want?

If you could be a Miyamoto or Kutaragi for a day what would you do? What exactly would you want down the line? All of us are(somewhat)just randomly suprised by whatever the mega tradeshow, such as E3(or now modified Crystal Clear E3), has in store for us. So, if the direction of Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo was up to you what features would you like your consoles to have five to ten years down the line? Serious replies, check+. Better graphics requests receive temporary BIO effects. Pictures are fun.

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