Hollywood Composer for Call of Duty 3

Joel Goldsmith gets a composer role in the next Call of Duty.

Looks like the popular series Call of Duty 3 will be graced with a Hollywood-level score, according to an article over at XBOXIC, of all places. Joel Goldsmith, son of the legendary film composer Jerry Goldsmith, is a talented composer in his own right, having penned in whole or in part music for several things your typical gamer geek would recognise, including Star Trek: First Contact, and two of my regular TV shows: Stargate: SG-1 and Stargate: Atlantis.

Most of you might know I’m not much of a FPS or wartime game fan, but perhaps someone can convince me to at least join a session of CoD3 to soak in some of the sounds!? Look for CoD3 this fall for all the consoles (minus Gamecube).



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