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No Nintendo at TGS Still

No Nintendo at TGS Still

by T.J. GoforthAugust 5, 2006

Still no confirmation that Nintendo will attend the Tokyo Game Show.  Maybe there will be a keynote, maybe not. 

The two major Tokyo Game Show event coordinators have released a partial list of games and companies that will be represented at TGS 2006 in September.

Sony and Microsoft’s next-gen consoles are represented on the list, but Nintendo is still a no show.

Some third party companies will be showing off DS titles, but no Wii or Nintendo made products have been added to the list of exhibitors. This list of exhibitors is still working and only partially complete, so it is possible to see Nintendo on the show floor despite the fact that Nintendo does not historically attend TGS.

Last year Satoru Iwata gave a keynote speech at TGS, but Nintendo did not exhibit on the show floor. Nintendo has also said in the past that major Wii news will come in September, and TGS would seem a likely place to announce such news, but it appears as though Leipzig Games Convention could be the big newsmaker for Nintendo.

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