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Konami’s Five DS Titles

Konami’s Five DS Titles

by T.J. GoforthAugust 23, 2006

Konami is now heavily supporting the Nintendo DS handheld with several titles in development. 

Konami has increased their support of the DS platform with five new titles, just announced at the Leipzig Games Convention.

The five titles announced are:

Winx Club: The Quest for the Codex: A side-scrolling flight game based on an Italian cartoon.Steel Horizon: Described as a World War II naval battleship game.

Marvel Trading Card Game: Based on the real life card game featuring all of Marvel Comics most popular heros.

Lost in Blue 2: Sequel to the original DS title.

My Frogger Toy Trials: A collection of minigames celebrating Frogger’s 25th Anniversary.

We can plan on seeing some of these titles early as December 2006 and throughout the rest of 2007.

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