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Minnesota to Appeal Hatch’s Decision

Minnesota to Appeal Hatch’s Decision

by T.J. GoforthAugust 29, 2006

At the end of July, a push to pass a controversial law designed to fine minors $25 for renting or buying a Mature and Adults Only-rated videogames was deemed unconstitutional by U.S. District Judge James Rosenbaum. Minnesota Attorney General Mike Hatch isn’t standing by the ruling, though, telling the La Crosse Tribune he’ll be appealing the decision.In Hatch’s prepared statement, he cited “1,000 studies” linking aggressive behavior in children to media violence. “If the parents aren’t troubled by their kids playing these games, they can buy them for their children,” he said in the statement.

How come this has to become a legal issue? Everyone seemed fine deciding movie industry wasn’t in need of federal or state regulation, and there was plenty of debate over whether film content influenced viewers (Basketball Diaries controversy during Columbine, anyone?). None of these decisions have managed to hold up in court, though, so, for now, there’s little to worry about.

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