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First Images of SimCity on the DS

First Images of SimCity on the DS

by Bradley DeLorenzoSeptember 1, 2006

Our first look at Sim City DS comes courtesy of Famitsu magazine.

Take a look at the screens below:

As reported earlier today, Sim City DS will be based on the PC’s SimCity 3000. It’s being developed by EA and is set for a winter release in Japan. A US release has not yet been announced, but it’s pretty much guaranteed to happen. Sim City DS will of course feature stylus controls, as well as new mini-games and an adviser (who looks curiously like a certain famous Sim game designer).

In addition to the regular “Build a New City” mode, there will be a “Save the City” mode, in which you have to fix problems (such as traffic congestion) in a pre-made city, and a “Sister City” mode, in which you can talk with other city builders and trade landmarks and such (this mode appears to be online).

Source: king zell from Neo GAF

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