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Wii Event in Japan on Sep. 14th

Wii Event in Japan on Sep. 14th

by T.J. GoforthSeptember 1, 2006

Now Japan is also getting into the act of a Nintendo event on Sep. 14th showcasing some of the Wii games.

Nintendo seems to have set aside mid-September as worldwide Wii day. According to Japan’s Kabushiki Shimbun newspaper, the company will be showing off the Wii to the Japanese press at an event scheduled to be held on 9/14. Attendees will be able to sample the system first hand, the paper reports.

The paper also expects pricing and release information to be announced at the event, something that would be inline with previous Nintendo statements. A Japanese event held on the 14th coincides perfectly with similar events Nintendo has planned for the 15th in Europe and the 14th in America. Nintendo is expected to show region-specific products at each event. We eagerly anticipate our first look at Wiimote-based mahjong.

This event will mark the second time the Japanese press has gotten hands on time with the Wii. Following E3, Nintendo gathered select members of the press for a demo event using its E3 content. This time around, the games will likely be closer to completion. The Nintendo event will be held one week before the Tokyo Game Show, where Sony and Microsoft will show off their own next generation offerings.

Nintendo does not attend TGS, instead opting for its own product showings.

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