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Mega Man ZX Impressions

Mega Man ZX Impressions

by T.J. GoforthSeptember 11, 2006

With its several forms, Mega Man ZX is looking to up the ante on their classic formula. 

In the build we played, the presentation didn’t seem to take advantage of the DS hardware. Though the 2D sprites were detailed and colorful, the whole package seemed to be locked in GBA world. The basic gameplay wasn’t mindblowing either: jumping and shooting, dashing and climbing. It was classic Mega Man, but then again, it was classic Mega Man.

This isn’t to say that ZX doesn’t have its fair share of new wrinkles; after all, this is a new series. The most notable change would be the addition of several forms to choose from, all of which are selectable and interchangeable on the fly. One form seemed to be suited best for long-range combat, and another had a laser sword akin to Zero’s, and yet another form seemed to meld the two together for a happy medium. Interestingly enough, ZX has a fourth form–human. While defenseless and useless at first, it became apparent that the hero’s regular form was able to get into tight spaces by–get this–ducking and crawling, a first for Mega Man.

Though technically it isn’t the original Blue Bomber that players will be blasting through the game with, nor his successor, X. Set long after its forbears, ZX stars two spritely youths by the name of Vent and Aile, which look to be playable from the outset. Hopefully these new kids on the block have what it takes to yet again pull Mega Man’s name out from the rubble.

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