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Over 570 Games Shown at TGS

Over 570 Games Shown at TGS

by T.J. GoforthSeptember 14, 2006

If you want to see the ridiculous amount of video games being shown in some form at TGS, then click the link below.

We think we have discovered the reason why E3 is scaling back beginning with the 2007 showing: that show is scared to death of the number of games and systems that will be on the market next year. Not only will there be a heck of a lot of titles, but there’ll be a heck of a lot of systems. This year’s Tokyo Game Show plans to somehow fit it all in — that’d be seven consoles (including the original PlayStation, for some reason), three handhelds, plus PC and mobile phones.

On the official Tokyo Game Show website, hosting organizer CESA has published an official list of games due to be shown at the event. The list is still a work in progress, and is missing some big names and key titles (Sony Computer Entertainment and its PS3 slate is, of course, the big hole in the list, although SCE has already announced much of its PS3 TGS slate in a previous announcement.) All told, the official count of 573 games breaks the show’s record for number of titles to be shown.

Next-gen consoles will obviously be the big draw for the show this year, with the PlayStation 3 finally showing in full force, the Xbox 360 making a determined effort to make friends in Japan, and the Nintendo Wii looming on the horizon. (Nintendo unfortunately does not attend TGS typically, but a few third-party games will be displayed in some form for the unique new console, and the Big N will still likely make some peripheral announcements to catch the TGS wave.) On the handheld side, the runaway success of the Nintendo DS has drawn developers towards the portable for an impressive number of titles to be shown; Sony’s PSP is also still giving a good fight with a good deal of titles of its own. The Game Boy Advance, however, has virtually fallen off the map in just over one year since Nintendo attempted at its “Third Pillar” strategy, with the dominating DS system rendering a three-tier approach moot. And on the current gen front, it’s all about the PS2 — somehow, the GameCube, Xbox, and original PlayStation system all tied with just one title per system. (Why even bother plugging those dinosaurs in for just one game?) Of course, there will also be a slew of slew of wireless and PC games will also be present at the show. Here’s the official breakdown:


  • PlayStation 3: 18 games
  • Wii: 5 games
  • Xbox 360: 20 games
  • Nintendo DS: 52 games
  • PlayStation Portable: 33 games
  • Game Boy Advance: 2 games
  • Wireless Phone: 125 games
  • PC: 127 games
  • PlayStation 2: 100 games
  • Xbox: 1 game
  • GameCube: 1 game
  • PS one: 1 game
  • Other Platforms: 127 games

Quickly summing up the list so far: expect lots of obscure Japanese RPGs (although curiously, this genre isn’t as dominating as it has been in the past), a good deal of Brain Training rip-offs for the Nintendo DS, a couple of well-known franchise coming back for at least one more go on current platforms, and hopefully a whole ton of surprises. Notable titles include the next chapters in the .Hack//GU edition of the franchise as well as a sequel to Bumpy Trot, both on PS2. Square Enix will have both of best-loved franchises (Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, if you couldn’t guess) represented well across PS3, PS2, DS, PSP, and GBA — don’t forget that the anticipated Secret of Mana / World of Mana on PS2 is also due to appear, as well as the Xbox 360 shooter Project Sylpheed . For those who want the potpourri look at each platform, keep an eye out for Trusty Bell: Chopin’s Dream on 360 (Bandai-Namco), Bleach for Wii (Sega), Coded Arms Assault on PS3 (Konami), JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Phantom Blood for PS2 (Namco-Bandai), Gunpey Reverse on DS (Namco-Bandai), Valhalla Knights on PSP (Marvelous Interactive), Final Fantasy V Advance and FFVI Advance for GBA (Square-Enix), the Metal Slug cellphone conversions (SNK), Gundam Online: Dawn of Australia for PC (Namco-Bandai), Battle Stadium D.O.N. for Cube (NHN Japan / Namco Bandai), Metal Slug 6 for PS one (SNK — do note, however, that this listing reads like an error that should read refer to the upcoming PS2 MS6 … but we’re eager for one more spin with the trusty old PlayStation, so we’ll see what happens), and whatever the heck that one Xbox game might be.

Below is the latest list of games that have so far been officially listed for display at TGS 2006. (Apologies for the translation gaps in the lesser platforms — the text provided wasn’t the most friendly for translation’s purposes, although most of the games that anybody reading this would recognize should be accounted for.) This partial list does not mean that the game will be playable. (In fact, it is currently not likely that Wii will be playable at the show at all, and many of the PS3 games on the list have already been announced by the parent company as planned for video-only presentation.) That being said, if the game made the list, it’s expected to be seen it in some form on the show floor, and IGN wil be there bringing you full coverage from the event to bring it to you.

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