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IGN Retail Buyers Guide: Twilight Princess on Top

IGN Retail Buyers Guide: Twilight Princess on Top

by T.J. GoforthSeptember 15, 2006

An excerpt from the IGN’s Fall Retail Buyers Guide article suggests that most of the mindshare is going towards Twilight Princess! 

Which title had the greatest mindshare, and what do you think this is attributable to?

With almost five percent of audience mindshare over the last three months, The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is the number one ranked title included in the Fall Retail Buyer’s Guide. There are multiple factors that are attributing to this title’s strong level of buzz:

The Strong Appeal of the Nintendo Wii: Since E3 in May, the gamer reaction to the Wii has skyrocketed thanks to its innovative technology and relatively affordable price point. Purchase intent behavior for Wii titles, particularly Nintendo’s first party offerings, reflects this overall market trend.

Gamers have been waiting a while for the Zelda sequel: Ever since gamers got a sneak peek of Twilight Princess for the GameCube back at E3 2004, it has fared extremely well in our mindshare rankings. With the announcement of a Wii version, Nintendo has reactivated this core Zelda fan-base and also reached out to new Wii loyalists.

Which publishers had the greatest mindshare, and what is that attributable to?

Electronic Arts and Nintendo both received an A+ in our new publisher grading system thanks to the combined mindshare on for their respective Fall 2006 lineups. Of EA’s 21 titles scheduled for launch in the Fall, six of them are Tier 1 titles, more than any other publisher in the Fall Retail Buyer’s Guide. NBA Live 07 and Need for Speed Carbon are both looking particularly strong heading into the holiday season.

As for Nintendo, its first party titles have historically been crucial to the success of its hardware, and the Wii looks to continue this trend. Nintendo is expected to publish eight Wii titles before the end of the year as well as a handful of titles for the DS.
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