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by T.J. GoforthSeptember 19, 2006

Due to lack of the amount of consoles Amazon will have, they have delayed the pre-ordering for the Wii. 

According to a statement released by online retail outlet, the company has suspended pre-orders for Nintendo’s upcoming Wii console following an hours-long offering on Friday, September 15. Noting that “the rate at which pre-orders came in dramatically outpaced what we had anticipated,â€? the company is holding off of offering the Wii for further pre-orders until it is able to get a commitment from Nintendo as to how many consoles will be available for sale. Amazon further adds: “Because the pre-order window was so brief, the e-mail many of you signed up for notifying you that pre-orders were available was never triggered to send out.â€? The Wii is expected to go on sale in the Americas on November 19, with a MSRP in North America of $249.99.

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