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Wii’s Unanswered Questions

Wii’s Unanswered Questions

by T.J. GoforthSeptember 21, 2006

Is there still much that we don’t know about the Wii?  Nintendojo explains: 

Last week, it was finally time. Time to get all the good info that we’d been salivating for these past few weeks and months. Time to finally know everything there was to know about the Nintendo Wii. And now, we finally do…

Right. We Finally Know Everything

…NOT. I think there are still some burning questions, here.

What Are You Talking About? We Know EVERYTHING There Is To Know!

I realize I’m playing devil’s advocate, here. We really do know most of the important stuff about the Wii launch, like the price, date, and packaging, but I’m still not satisfied. I want to know more.

Specifically, I’d like to know about storage. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m planning on totally abusing the Virtual Console. Maybe “abusing” isn’t the best word for it. The only “abuse” that will be happening is to my eyeballs as I endlessly try to repeat the one successful attempt I had at achieving the World 3-1 infinite 1UP trick in Super Mario Bros. (ironically, the one time I did that, it was on the Game Boy Color’s Super Mario Bros. Deluxe).

Needless to say, I will probably be purchasing every game available on the Virtual Console at some point or other, even the ones I already own five different versions of. For instance, if I own the original Legend of Zelda on the NES, Famicom Disk System, Game Boy Advance, and on the GCN Zelda: Collector’s Edition, do I really need to purchase yet another way to play it? Likewise, do I need another way to play Metroid if I have it for the NES, on Metroid Prime, and on the GBA twice over (Metroid Classic NES, Metroid Zero Mission)?

Bzzzt! Trick Question

There’s no doubt that I absolutely, in fact, do have to do that. Rather, the real pickle here is finding out how I can get enough storage space for all that virtual flotsam. Sure, we’ve got an internal 512 MB of memory to work with, and that’ll last about, what, three hours? I’d just as soon leave the console’s memory uncluttered and have some other storage medium to work with.

Wii can handle SD Flash cards, which has been confirmed, but what about other kinds of memory? Can I use my USB Flash drive? I’ve already got one of those, and even though it isn’t that big, it’d last me for a while. Then again, there’s no need for portability, since we won’t be able to share Virtual Console games. What I’d really like is to use a 20-40 GB external hard drive for this. I could conceivably hold the entire Virtual Console library — and not just the initial library, I mean the whole thing, when it’s all said and done — on a 40 GB hard drive, and still have room to spare. Plus, that would be significantly cheaper than getting a similar amount of space on SD cards.

The people at Nintendo haven’t exactly been tight-lipped about this, it’s just that no one seems to have asked the questions. If you think about it, we don’t even know for sure if Nintendo is releasing its own proprietary memory cards for Wii or not!

Talking about the GameCube brings up another good question: How can GameCube peripherals be used?

As Paperweights?

During the unveiling of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Masahiro Sakurai said that he kept a more traditional control style to keep things simpler for Smash Bros. fans, and that he designed it around the GameCube controller, which at least hints that the game was going to be playable with our Wavebirds or wired GCN pads. More recently, however, reports about the game say it’ll be played with the Wii “Classic” controller, and don’t mention the GameCube controller at all. So, what’s up with that?

I have a similar question about Virtual Console games. Can we play those with a GameCube controller, or what? It’s a pretty easy assumption that it will work for GameCube games, but what about the rest? I’m going to make a bit of an embarrassed confession, here. I basically prefer the GCN controller to the Wii Classic controller in every way. The Classic controller reminds me too much of a Dual Shock — which, admittedly, was ripped off from Nintendo in the first place, but there’s still some sore feelings there. For N64 and GCN games, that’s definitely the way to go for me. For Super NES games, I’ve got the Hori retro game pad (the one intended for the Game Boy Player). If it works for the Mega Man X Collection, it’ll work for everything, right? Well, almost everything. I can just use the freehand remote sideways for NES games. So, given the choice of not having to buy the Classic, I’d probably like to go with that.

That’s Not Hard-Headed At All

One final question: Why is Wii stuff so much cheaper in Japan? The easy answer for the console price is that Wii Sports is bundled with the system in the US and not in Japan, but that’s not really the kicker. See, it looks like Nintendo has decided that one cent is equal to one yen, even though that’s not really the case. In reality, one US cent is equal to about 1.17 Japanese yen. This means that 1000 Virtual Console points (or one N64 game) cost in America and .53 in Japan. Looking at the prices of other accessories and software, I see the same trend of around a 15% discount for the Japanese. I’m not totally thrilled about that.

Anyway, I’ve outlined the questions, here, so my job is done. Y’all can take care of it from here, right?


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