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Pokemon’s 10th Anniversary Special

Pokemon’s 10th Anniversary Special

by T.J. GoforthSeptember 28, 2006

Hey buddy, do you want to know what Pokemon games came out the last ten years?  Well, you’re in luck.

It’s happening again. You shouldn’t be surprised. You know how successful they’ve been – how deeply ingrained they’ve become. You knew it was only a matter of time before they, the Pokemon, mounted yet another invasion. Now it’s happening again, and you’d do well to prepare yourself.


The fourth generation in the Pokemon series debuts in Japan this week, with the release of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl on the Nintendo DS. The new adventures follow the long-established Pokemon RPG formula, adding new monsters to catch and new ways to interact with other players – like Nintendo Wi-Fi support. The games are expected to sell millions in Japan, as well as here in the States – but American gamers will have to wait. Diamond and Pearl won’t be coming to other markets until next year.Because waiting is hard to do, we present this retrospective. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Pokemon series, and the brand has proven its staying power over the past decade with the release of over 30 different handheld and console titles. Here, in chronological order by release, is a look back on the history of the entire series, and IGN’s coverage of each game. Click the boxarts to jump to our reviews, and the screenshots to head to our media pages.

The next invasion is coming – it’s happening again. You’d do well to prepare yourself.

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