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Sega Acquires His Dark Materials Trilogy

Sega Acquires His Dark Materials Trilogy

by T.J. GoforthSeptember 28, 2006

Sega just recently acquired a famous novel series to be converted into licensed video games. 

Reading? What’s reading? You know, that thing teachers cruelly force upon students. Fantasy fans are likely aware of Philip Pullman’s award-winning His Dark Materials fantasy trilogy, set in a world where magic and industrial civilization have collided as Lyra, a young girl searching for her friend in the icy north, learns the secrets of her parents and uncovers another universe in the process.Sega confirmed this morning they’ve picked up the rights to develop videogames based on the trilogy from New Line Cinema, the company currently adapting the novels into films, starring Nicole Kidman (Eyes Wide Shut, Moulin Rogue) and Daniel Craig (Casino Royale, Munich). No target platforms have been announced, but, as with most licensing deals, expect it everywhere.

“For New Line’s biggest film since The Lord of the Rings, we knew we wanted an interactive partner that had the talent, the scope and the reach to deliver AAA video games to the four corners of the globe,” said David Imhoff, senior exec. VP of worldwide licensing and merchandising at New Line, in the announcement release. “For The Golden Compass, that company is SEGA.”

The Golden Compass, the first book in the series, is currently shooting for a release date of November 17th, 2007. Anticipate Sega’s interactive adaptation to land around the same time.

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