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Red Steel: Review

Red Steel: Review

by Bradley DeLorenzoNovember 16, 2006

From GoNintendo

First up, I want to say that Red Steel is a lot of fun. I honestly have to attribute this to the Wii’s controller. I can’t see the game being this much fun with a more traditional game controller. It seems to be a running theme with the Wii. Every game I play seems to make me burst out with audible joy. I can’t remember the last time I was so vocal while playing games. That is for another article though.

Okay, a breakdown of the controls. Moving your character forwards, backwards and side to side is done via the analog stick, turning is through the Wiimote. B trigger is for shooting, A button is for lock on, and directional pad left changes weapons. Z button crouches, C button jumps, or dodges (in conjunction with the analog stick) when in a sword fight. I obviously have to get more in depth with the Wiimote controls.

When your aiming cursor is somewhere near the middle of the screen, you are free aiming. When you start to push towards the top/bottom/or sides of the screen, you will begin to look/turn in that direction. The further you press, the faster you turn. It’s true that your top turning speed really isn’t super fast, but that was never an issue with me during gameplay. Just something I noticed while wandering around. Pushing the Wiimote towards your screen will allow you to zoom in with your current weapon. If you use this in conjunction with the A button, you can lock onto and enemy, and zoom in for your shot. The lock on feature is much like Z targeting in Zelda. Your camera will stay fixed on the enemy, and will also make a box around them on screen.

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