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by T.J. GoforthNovember 19, 2006

Ah, that Target.  Sunday morning was coming ever so closer.

8pm. Sat.: I finished my work at my job.  OOPS!  I left my lights on.  Have to get my jumper cables out!

8:30 pm Sat: Not a good start.  After getting my car started, I went home with my wife immediately to snoose, but I just laid there until I went to bed two hours later.

10:35 pm Sat: Just minutes after I snooze, my wife wakes me up because I was getting a job interview (which went well my the way.  Now I will be a delivery BOY!).  Then, back to sleep I went, but one hour later

12:30 am Sun: MY DARN WIFE!  I got an hour of sleep, and she says I have to pick up my lazy mother and father-in-law at Pick ‘N Save.  NO SHUTEYE FOR ME!!!

12:40 am Sun: Right after picking them up, I drove past Target, and HOLY CRAP!  There was like 30 people in line waiting for the Wii already!

12:50 am Sun: Well I was originally going to sleep 8:30 to 2, which would of been 5 and a half hours, but it ended up being a little over one hour.  I decided to go now, instead, due to the large Target line.

12:55 am Sat: The good old 32 degree cold Wisconsin snowflakes!  Man, the people told me I was number 21, so YEAH!  I GUARANTEED A WII!

2:00 am Sun:  Even with three shirts, it was quite nipply.  I played my Clubhouse Games and Mario Kart for DS, but I think the numbness in my hands were getting to me…

4:00 am Sun: Some people still socialized, others went into their cars for warmth, yet I STILL stood outside as rigor mortis began to settle in…

4:30 am Sun: I couldn’t stand it.  I nearly couldn’t feel my icicle feet, walking slowly, trying not to fall.  I at least made it to the car to warm up, but it really didn’t work.  I decided to eat a yummy burrito at my mom’s and then grab munchies and some Speedway cappucino

5:30 am Sun: Finally I could feel my toes!  Such a wonderful feeling!  I got out of my car and stood in back my place.  Thankfully, they saved my place. 

7:00 am Sun:  The suns come up and it’s time for the tickets!  First, the Target manager greeted us for being in the cold so long (geesh), and then asked us if we wanted some Starbucks coffee.  Anywho, we lined up and got our tickets one at a time, telling the manager our name while giving our number to us.  Hey, even better, I’m 19, not 21.

7:45 am Sun: We lined up outside the door awaiting what lurks inside.  The manager informed us to please be in single file and no pushing (alright, is this 4th grade).  Furthermore, he had some interesting tidbits.  First, he said that a Wii Points Card is free with the purchase of three Wii games.  So, I knew that, but I didn’t know that we could get 10% off our purchase for being qualified for a Target Card.  So, I wanted to save money…*mind swirling*…

8:00 am in Target: They open as I await in line.  This was really the only time I deeply talked to a stranger.  It was a cool emo kid who worked in the Wal-Mart in New Berlin.  I told him about this website…if you are reading this, shame on you…*tsk, tsk*

8:20 am in Target: This is what I saw: Twilight Princess, Excite Truck, Red Steel, Rayman, Madden, Super Monkey Ball, Call of Duty 3, Tony Hawk, Happy Feet, Spongebob, Avatar…alright I want to save money, so let’s buy 6 Wii games (the ones I reserved at Gamestop: Twilight Princess, Excite Truck, Rayman, Red Steel, Madden, and Monkey Ball) to get 2 Free Wii Points Cards-no limit according to the manager-plus, qualify for a Target card to get 10% of all of that.  Even throw in another nunchuk and Wii Remote.  I SAVED $98 BUCKS!  HA! HA!  All this for only 580 bucks, well less than a PS3!

8:35 am Sun: I went home to drop off Wii, but I wasn’t done yet.  The manager told me at Target that I can still get 10% off a purchase of Wii games at that Target or another one, but ONLY today.  So I went to the New Berlin Target…

9:00 am Sun: AHH! Nubian!!! A whole bunch of games that weren’t on sale at the other target: Trauma Center, Marvel: Ultimate Allaince, Rampage: Total Destuction, Cars, Dragon Ball Z, and they even had sku’s for Need For Speed: Carbon, Rapala Fishing, and Barnyard (available Wednesday), plus GT Pro and Monster 4×4 with the STEERING WHEEL!

9:15 am Sun: I decided to take Call of Duty 3, GT Pro Series, and surprisingly, cause I needed a third choice, Tony Hawk.  Now I get third free Wii Points Card and I can also get 10% off.  Another $28 savings.  So I saved about $130 today, enought for practically 3 games!

9:30 am Sun: Moron me went back to the Target because I thought the cashier was gippen me.  I found out that I was wrong.  Well, one hour of sleep, WHAT DID YOU EXPECT?

9:45 am Sun: I went home to hook up the console, which brings me to NOW…

As of now, my first game I played was Monkey Bowling in Monkey Ball.  VERY FUN…

Alright, so I will be playing a plethora of launch titles, and I will give you my impressions of the 10 Wii games that I have bought today in hopefully the not-so-distant future.  So now I must say, “GOODBYE TO CIVILIZATION AS WE KNOW IT AND WELCOME WII!” (reviews soon…)

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