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WiiNintendo at Toys ‘R Us midnight party/launch

WiiNintendo at Toys ‘R Us midnight party/launch

by Bradley DeLorenzoNovember 20, 2006

I have some amazing video from Saturday night, too bad I forgot my power supply to my camera at my friends house in Jersey City or else I would have had all the footage up yesterday.

I was able to “get” into the front of the line that wrapped around an entire block (I have footage, insane amount of people) I filmed the first buyer, the whole process of going in picking out games, nunchuks, and buying the system. Definitely stay tuned for the video, it’s good.

Also, I’m super tired played Zelda 7:30 straight hours last night from 10 to 5:30 (Beat the first temple, tired at work…)

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