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BusinessWeek “Wii: One Ferocious Underdog”

BusinessWeek “Wii: One Ferocious Underdog”

by Bradley DeLorenzoNovember 22, 2006

Virtual Reality in Your Living Room

What makes it so outstanding? It boils down to Nintendo’s (NTDOY) decision to focus on how games are played, rather than the glitz and glitter of the games themselves. The company’s innovative motion-sensitive Wii Remote controller truly creates the closest thing you’ll get on a home system to virtual reality. Always thought you could be the next Andy Roddick? Playing even the simplest game of tennis with the Wii controller and rudimentary Wii Sports game package might show you how wrong you were.

Nintendo set about making the gaming experience itself something even a grandmother might look forward to, and it does a great job right out of the box.

Setup was fairly simple and intuitive. From the start, you put the Wii on its stand, connect the sensor pickup to the unit, and figure out where to place it near your TV for best pickup of your movements with the remote. I was concerned the sensor, placed below a giant-screen Sharp Aquos HDTV set would not pick up the signal, but it worked just fine.

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